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Our 1st anniversary

It's almost a year ago that our editor-in-chief Babette Wagenvoort launched a new platform for illustrators during the Illustration Biennial in Haarlem (NL) on 2 June 2012. Since then Illustration Daily has been expanding continuously.

We are completely run by volunteers who each have their own busy practice, so we are proud and happy to see Illustration Daily is not only 'still here' after one year, but is steadily growing into an international varied platform for content-based illustration!

Our editorial board - Kwennie Cheng, Nanette Hoogslag, Cyprian Koscielniak, Pawel Pokutycki and Babette Wagenvoort - published about half of the illustrations received.

Our audience has expanded substantially - in terms of visitors to the website itself, but also through Facebook and Twitter.

We have started a blog about the future of editorial illustration.

Illustrators like Max Kisman made work specifically for us and we've showcased Graduates 2012 with our Green Blob Special.

For more news and stories about our mission read this and the following (sporadic) issues of the Illustration Daily newsletter!


Call for interactive illustrators!

Next to our usual contributions - illustrations that comment on today's world in one way or another - we would like to showcase much more interactive and animated illustration. This type of contribution will be marked by a 'blue blob' instead of a 'red blob' and it will be judged by our editorial board on its illustrative qualities (so please add text about the story you illustrated).

Do you make interactive illustration or know of anybody who would be interested in this call? Please, share the news!

See Blue Blobs so far >


Interactive Illustration Workshops

In collaboration with BNO Amsterdam (The Association of Dutch Designers) Illustration Daily has been organizing workshops in interactive illustration. So far three editions of software trainings in Processing Programming for Illustrators have taken place and another workshop on Augmented Reality is coming up on June 20. Digital publishing for iPad/iPhone is also on the agenda.

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Illustration Daily Blog

Illustration Daily Blog is a source of news, interviews, articles and more on the future of (editorial) illustration on-line. One of our editors Nanette Hoogslag, who's currently conducting a PhD research at the Royal College of Art, London (UK) is frequently contributing texts covering analysis of contemporary illustration practice and discussing future vision of illustration in online, interactive media. There are also occasional posts of other contributors related to Illustration Daily platform.

Follow the blog on our website, Facebook, Twitter or RSS feed.

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Luke Waller
posted on May 24, 2013 at 9:14

Jonathan Fenby, the author of ‘Tiger Head, Snake Tails’ witnesses the results of the property boom that could bring China to its knees. He also visits Ordos Coal Factory where he talks about the very small crews that oversee production.

Source: The Financial Times UK