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  Illustrating for Augmented Reality
Pawel Pokutycki
posted on June 5, 2013 at 8:45

After a series of programming workshops for interactive illustrators BNO Amsterdam and Illustration Daily organize a second training on interactive illustration, this time focusing on Augmented Reality.

Learn how to add a 'virtual' layer of images, texts, animations, sounds or videos to your (printed) illustrations. Reveal them using your smartphone or tablet. Distribute your creations worldwide using simple apps available on-line for free. Additionally, experiment with placing your illustrations on specific locations in public space using GPS and interacting with them on the spot.

Though becoming increasingly popular in advertising and gaming Augmented Reality (AR) is not yet a common tool in the creative practice of illustrators. Yet, the publishing world seeks for innovation in this field and there are some new opportunities for image editors and makers willing to interactively expand static images with additional information (for example text or infographics), elements of motion graphics/animation (for example in children books) or other audio-visual add-ons. 

During the workshop the participants will learn and practice different kinds of user-friendly, easy-to-use Augmented Reality software (no programming skills needed!) and create a set of interactive and/or animated illustrations to be viewed on a smartphone or a tablet. The technical exercises will be followed by a presentation of professional projects in the field of Augmented Reality, along with an explanation of how they were done. The course will end with a small exhibition of AR works done by the participants.

€ 35,- (BNO members)
€ 65,- (non-BNO members)

Thursday June 20, 2013
10.00 - 17.00 hrs

BNO Amsterdam
Danzigerkade 8a
1013 AP Amsterdam

minimum 10 / maximum 15


Participants have to bring their own MAC/PC laptop and - if possible - an iPhone/iPad/Android device. 
No advanced computer-skills needed!

Pawel Pokutycki
Pawel is an interaction designer, co-founder/editor of the Illustration Daily platform and a lecturer at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague.

BNO Amsterdam
Gert Gerrits, gert@bno.nl

Register before June 13 via gert@bno.nl