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About Illustration Daily

Illustration Daily is a visual Daily - an online platform where professional illustrators share personal and editorial work that comments on the world today.

The illustrators share views by making new work or by re-publishing illustrations.
We are interested in all kinds of styles and opinions - from a highly political worldview to more personal comments on things currently happening around us. However: we are not looking for cartoons or purely decorative illustration (and we realize there's a fine line between these things).

Illustration Daily is edited by a rotating group of illustration professionals, who decide what is published on Illustration Daily. We believe that by not opening this platform up to everybody-who-can-draw we can make sure Illustration Daily will have a higher standard than some other illustration platforms.

Illustration Daily is a project of Pawel Pokutycki (interaction designer) and Babette Wagenvoort (visual artist, illustrator & former curator of the art-internet-platform Volkskrant OOG) and was launched at the Illustration Biennale in June 2012.

Our aim is:
- to publish at least one illustration every 24 hours (max. one work per illustrator per day).
- to share high quality visual responses to major and minor world events and current affairs
- to promote contemporary editorial illustrators
- to promote illustration with a specific content or message
- to create an overview of good contemporary editorial illustration commissions
- to stimulate the digital use of illustration (next step: interactive illustration!)
- to have a well-designed, user-friendly, convenient, on-line platform
- and to make a version of it for an iPad/iPhone app


Want to join Illustration Daily?
Illustration Daily ILLUSTRATORS
We are looking to (re-)publish work by professional illustrators from all over the world. If you sign up and send us a work to be published, the editorial board will decide whether the work fits Illustration Daily. Please remember to add a description of what it is you illustrated, since not all topics are known everywhere and not all news is obvious in all parts of the world. Relevant work is published when the editorial board has agreed on it. No matter if your work is accepted or rejected, you are always welcome to send in other work as often as you like. Illustration Daily is meant for all professional illustrators - from recent graduates to highly experienced illustrators.

Many professional illustrators from The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, UK, France, Australia, USA and other countries already upload work on a regular basis. See the list of our international contributors here.

Illustration Daily FEATURED
Special features around particular themes are organised regularly. Our first feature was a showcase of recent graduates during the Summer months of 2012 and the second one was a Max Kisman exclusive with comments on the Dutch elections in September 2012.


Social Media
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Concept: Pawel Pokutycki & Babette Wagenvoort
Technical & Design: Pawel Pokutycki  
Organisation: Babette Wagenvoort & Pawel Pokutycki
Editorial Board: Kwennie Cheng, Otto Dettmer, Nanette Hoogslag, Cyprian Koscielniak, Pawel Pokutycki, Marlies Visser, Babette Wagenvoort
Thanks to the following people for their feedback: Cyprian Koscielniak, Paul Faassen, Gert Gerrits (BNO), Marlies Visser (Illustratie Biennale), Beate Wegloop (VPRO Gids)

All copyright is with the individual illustrator unless otherwise specified.
We are grateful to showcase their work on Illustration Daily and will not use their work for any other purpose without their permission. If you are interested in re-publishing one of the images in print or online, always contact the illustrator first.
Illustration Daily aims to be open to all views and isn’t shocked easily, but will remove content it finds (too) offensive.


General questions and suggestions: babette@illustrationdaily.com
Technical questions and suggestions: pawel@illustrationdaily.com

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